A Renewed Priestly Ministry …

… in a community of equals.

The ordained women of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) live and minister in the United States, Canada and Latin America. We prepare and ordain qualified women and men to serve the people of God as priests. We use equal rites to promote equal rights and justice for women in the church. We […]

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Apostolic Succession

The ordinations of Roman Catholic Women Priests are valid because of our apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church. The principal consecrating Roman Catholic male bishop who ordained our first women bishops is a bishop with apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church in communion with the pope. Therefore, our bishops validly ordain deacons, priests […]

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  • Ordination Windsor, Ontario July 25, 2015

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Movement wants Roman Catholic Church to Allow Female Priests

Barbara Billey is about to be ordained by the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests — a movement determined to shake up the church hierarchy. The Windsor woman may call herself a priest after her ordination Saturday, but she knows she won’t be welcome in that role in any local Roman Catholic churches and could […]

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The Ordination of 3 New Bishops

History in the making: In response to the growth of the women priests movement within the Catholic Church, and in the interest of women to be ordained, The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) agreed to elect three new women bishops from its membership. On Saturday, September 24, 2015,@ 2:00 p.m., in Pendle Hill, […]

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Women Priests Respond to the Call of the Spirit

Women priests are responding to the Spirit’s call to serve in a renewed priesthood within a circle of equals. In our prophetic movement of justice-making, spiritually transforming and righting relationships, we are mystically healing the Earth, the circle of life, and the wounds of sexism. As images of the Divine in partnership with all of […]

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Women Priests Rocking The Catholic Church
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 Where Justice Is Rising Up
For All People: Poor, Marginalized and Women
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