A Call for Unity, Non-violence and Systemic Justice

From The Members of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests…

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests calls out our country’s history of neglect and violence toward our black sisters and brothers, including the recent police murder of African American George Floyd. Every loss of life due to violence diminishes the life and inherent dignity of every person. We all have a responsibility to take a stand as members of the human race to change structures of inequality and advocate for justice, non-violence and solidarity.

We reaffirm that the Spirit of God calls us to speak out against racial injustice and support legislation and policies that protect all citizens equally.

Racism, rooted in hatred and fear, is a dominator system that breaks our spiritual connection with one another, causing oppression on people of color and our indigenous population. While we believe that all life matters, it is especially important at this time of intense heartbreak to stand with our black sisters and brothers proclaiming that Black Lives Matter.

Mindful of the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: ‚ÄúI have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear,‚ÄĚ we call upon all people of the world to unite in creating non-violent solutions to these problems. While we realize it takes centuries of active and energetic effort to dismantle unjust systems, there can be no peace on earth without addressing justice for all. We bear witness in solidarity with all peace-loving protests throughout the world, as we strive to change the systemic structures that continue to perpetuate violence and inequality among people. Now is the time!