Advent – Week 4

Gospel John 1:1-14

In the darkness of this solstice evening, we celebrate the return of the light to the northern hemisphere and more importantly, the birth of Jesus, fully human, a bright light in the firmament of the prophets and mystics and saints.

Child of Mary and Joseph, Jesus grew in wisdom and grace as he recognized and responded to the Living Light, the Divine Light within. For those with ears to hear and open hearts, he was a light in the darkness.

His followers longed for one who would relieve their suffering and bring about a new world order rooted in justice where everyone had a fair share.

He was for them an incarnation of the Christ, an anointed one whose inner light radiated the Holy One’s unconditional love and radical unity with creation.

And you would think that was enough. But, no, Jesus turned to his followers and reminded them that the Living Light, Light of the Holy One, the Christ Light, resided in them as well.

Mary Theresa Streck, ARCWP