Rev. AndreaGrace lives out her prayer to be a joyful instrument of God’s healing love and a fountain of grace. She is known for her vibrant approach to weaving theory and practice in spiritual and secular settings, keeping the roots of tradition and nurturing them in innovative ways so they are meaningful and relevant. A trailblazer in the field of intergenerational engagement, she has won multiple awards for her leadership work; she most treasures the Elizabeth Palmer Peabody award for “improving the lives of children and their families and demonstrated commitment to finding unity in all types of diversity.” Rev. AndreaGrace is a warm demander who encourages people to grow their beautiful inner flame and helps create opportunities for their light to shine in spiritual, academic, and professional settings. Throughout life, Rev. AndreaGrace is a gatherer, welcoming and uniting people from different walks of life. She is a dynamic teacher, presenter, and prolific writer on life in the Spirit as well as why we need to unite elders and youth and how to do so effectively. Rev. AndreaGrace is a quilter who wraps people in love – literally and figuratively. She values being a vivacious and loving wife, mom, aunt and a member of a very fun, multigenerational, Italian African-American circle of love. She is thrilled to serve as an adventurous and faith-filled companion, an ordained Interfaith & Interspiritual Minister and Roman Catholic Woman Priest candidate who prays: May I always know Your Divine Love more intimately and share it more abundantly.