ARCWP Responds to Pope Francis’ Letter , “Beloved Amazon”

Press Release:
From: Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests
Contacts: Janice Sevre -Duszynska , 859-684-4247,
Bridget Mary Meehan 703-505-0004,

ARCWP Responds to Pope Francis’ Letter , “Beloved Amazon”, Embrace Ordination of Women in Non-Clerical, Circular Model to Achieve the Full Equality of Women in a Global Church!

Pope Francis’ recent letter, Querida Amazonia (“Beloved Amazon”) fails to make the connections between destruction of the earth, poverty and women’s inequality in the Church. We cannot ignore that women’s equal status in sacramental ministry and decision-making in the Church is essential for the voice of God to rise up for justice on our earth now.

While Pope Francis makes the connection between ordination and clericalism, though well-meaning, he is operating out of a male, patriarchal model that diminishes women.

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is part of a worldwide movement that ordains women to foster an inclusive church of equals in a non-clerical model of priestly ministry as a prophetic act of justice. We welcome all to the Eucharistic table including LGBTQI and divorced, and are living out a healthy liberated circular model of the sensus fidelium, the Spirit moving through the people of God.

With Mary Magdalene at the tomb, we are Easter Morning people proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel to a world immersed in the heavy chains of patriarchal domination of sexism, capitalism, militarism, and the degradation of our Holy Mother Earth. Embracing the ordination of women in a non-clerical circular model to achieve the full equality of women in a global Church is the only way forward.