ARCWP Statement of Solidarity. Calling for Unilateral Ceasefire, Adequate Humanitarian Aid and Peace with Justice for Gaza, Westbank, Israel and Jerusalem

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) join faith-based, humanitarian communities and all people of good will around the world in condemning Hamas’ October 7 brutal attack on Israel that caused the loss of life of over 1,200 Israelis and citizens of other nations. We call for the immediate release of all civilians Hamas captured and holds hostage.

This horrific violence of Hamas does not justify Israel’s retaliation with large-scale air bombardment and ground invasion that continues to have an indiscriminate and tragically disproportionate impact on civilians. We condemn this collective punishment imposed upon the more than 2.2 million Palestinians living in Gaza when, on October 8, the Israeli government cut off water, gas, and electricity, and all goods and supplies to the territory, putting even more pressure on a community already suffering from a humanitarian crisis more than a decade in the making. The pace of killing, injuring and destroying the infrastructure needs to stop with immediate unilateral ceasefire, adequate humanitarian aid, and peace with justice for everyone.

ARCWP will continue to stand in solidarity with all faith-based and humanist groups calling for a peaceful and just settlement for the Hamas-Israel conflict. We stand in solidarity with all people suffering from war and violence around the world.

ARCWP Rapid Response Team. December 28, 2023.