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A Renewed Priestly Ministry …

… in a community of equals.

The ordained women of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) live and minister in the United States, Canada, Latin America and around the world. We prepare and ordain qualified women and men to serve the people of God as priests. We use equal rites to promote equal rights and justice for women in […]

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Apostolic Succession

The ordinations of Roman Catholic Women Priests are valid because of our apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church. The principal consecrating Roman Catholic male bishop who ordained our first women bishops is a bishop with apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church in communion with the pope. Therefore, our bishops validly ordain deacons, priests […]

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  • Ordination, Colombia, SA, June 2018

Women Priests Then and Now!

Recent News


Women Ordained as Catholic Priests in Colombia, SA

On June 4, 2018, while surrounded by family,friends and lots of love; Maria Teresa Martinez Maldonado and Blanca Azucena Caicedo were ordained  Roman Catholic Women Priests in Colombia, South America with Bishop Olga Lucia Alvarez of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests as presiding bishop. We send prayers and blessings to our newly ordained […]

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Women Priests Rocking The Catholic Church
Building Inclusive Communities Of Equals
Where Justice Is Rising Up
For All People: Poor, Marginalized and Women
Worldwide and in the Church.


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