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I have always felt drawn to God. My call to the priesthood has been an ongoing process for most of my adult life. Not having been raised in any particular system, I have experienced the richness of many faith traditions. I find myself most at home in the universal life of the sacraments and traditions of Catholicism. ARCWP offers me the freedom to express the joy of faith in an unrestricted and inclusive way. (KT)

I greet first all women, my sisters, who will read me today, and all men of good will, unified beings who know that souls have no gender and who live in harmony with their bodies the truth of their being, and all other people who are still on their way.
I have chosen to share a piece of my small life as a gift for this Women’s Day. Click on this link to follow the rest of this post Why a Catholic Woman Would Like to Remain So

One of my many pre-ordination good wishes was, “Get ready for a fun ride!”  My first response – mentally to myself – was, “Many a truth spoken in jest!”

Yes, it will be fun because the call to woman priesthood is with a wonderful group of women (and as I’ve learned we say, “A few good men”). There is much laughter and happiness even as ministries revolve around critical and crucial topics within our culture today such as homelessness, LGBTQA and human trafficking to name a few. A deep sense of lightness exists as each paves the way against, around and above the unjust and unfounded Roman Catholic Canon law of ‘men only’.  Who doesn’t experience the heart-felt tingle of excitement to be in mystery with Spirit Sophia!
My wish for myself at this time is to remember the struggles, contemplation and letting go which brought me thus far. As the ride continues I embrace each and everyone without whose support I would not be sustained even as I recognize this is often a solitary journey. Blest are we to journey with the Great Humorist Creator, the Truth of all Truths brother Jesus and Magnificent Mary Magdalene.  (TRK)


Bridget Mary Meehan, one of our founders and bishop, “We are ordaining Women Priests to promote justice in the Roman Catholic Church.”  Click on this link to view the article: Words Are Not Enough

“The Gospel today speaks of ‘salt’ and light.’ What are the nature and function of these elements?  Do they function separately, or as one?
In Jesus’ vision, when his followers demonstrated the qualities of being salt and light to the world, they were considered the salt and light for the world.
Followers of Jesus are called to be the preservative in a corrupt society.
If our traditional church does not recognize that the equality of women is constitutive to the gospel message, all its efforts to right the wrongs in our church will be built on sand.” (MEC)

“We stand on the shoulders of the Danube 7, ordained in 2002. It is the deeply graced reality of such women and our own women who have come before us that we gather. We are grounded in mystical and spiritual realities of the Church since the origins of Christianity. We are grounded in the time of the prophets and holy women and men of the Old Testament and in the tradition of Holy Wisdom.” (MBC)


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