Epiphany Reflections

Shanon Sterringer, ARCWP

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany – also known as the Feast of the Three Kings / Magi.

This past summer, a couple of days before I was ordained to the priesthood, I took a small group of pilgrims to the Cathedral in Cologne where tradition claims the relics of the Three Kings are preserved. We had the opportunity to participate in a procession into the sanctuary to see them. The reliquary was brought to Constantinople in the early 4th century by St. Helena (mother of Constantine) and was later brought to Cologne, Germany by the 12th century Holy Roman Emperor (and friend of St. Hildegard) Barbarossa. In the tradition, the names of the Three Kings or Magi date back to a 6th century source: we know them today as Caspar (India), Malchior (Persia), and Balthazar (Arabia) – their names are different in the Syrian and Armenian traditions. 

Kim Panaro & Kathleen Ryan, ARCWP

Blessing of a Miracle…

Holy One, you continually remind us that you love your creation by sending us brand new possibilities in the form of daughters and sons. May Miracle grow in her understanding of your infinite love as she learns the meaning of faith through service. May she come to appreciate her possibilities as co-creator of her life in You.