Hackert-Stoner, Denise

As a nature photographer who specializes in close-ups of insects and plants, Denise can often be found out on a trail with her husband Scott, often on her knees or belly, inspecting some tiny living thing. She is constantly amazed at the beauty of nature and the Divine Presence in all of it. Denise has two grown children, Emily and Nathan, and six unique, interesting, and loving grandchildren, who share her enthusiasm for the natural world. Denise holds a degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in English, both from the College of Saint Rose. She recently earned her Doctor of Ministry from Global Ministries University. She is an instructor for People’s Catholic Seminary, and has designed and teaches a story-based course for adults who wish to accompany the children in their lives on the spiritual path. Denise enjoys crafting both liturgical and non-liturgical services for her beloved Upper Room community, facilitating meditative walks in nature, and using her writing and photography skills to enhance these experiences. She also loves recognizing life’s sacramental moments, and creating services to help celebrate or mark these moments. From Baptism or child blessing to Marriage or couple blessing, to Healing services, to wake and funeral services, Denise is always honored to hold these sacred moments and the people living through them in tenderness.