Media Release from International Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement

In this Holy Year Pope Francis said “no one can be excluded from God’s mercy.” The international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement calls on Pope Francis to honor primacy of conscience for all Catholics and remove all ecclesiastical punishments against our movement including excommunication. Catholic support for our movement is evident in an online petition. See Article: PETITIONS

Come meet our women priests Janice Sevre-Duszynska (ARCWP Media Liaison) from the United States and Christina Moreira from Spain who will be participating in the Women’s Ordination Worldwide gathering in Rome May 28-June 4 at the Casa Internazionale Delle Donne Via Della Lungara, 19 Roma (Sala Tosi). Janice and Christina intend to give Pope Francis a copy of our Ongoing Petition Campaign signed by grassroots Catholics and Interfaith supporters of Roman Catholic Women Priests.

June 1-3 is a Jubilee of Women Priests. We invite you to join us at this celebration of our renewed priestly ministry in a renewed Catholic Church where all are welcome including LGBTI and divorced and remarried Catholics. Visit Site: WOW

Founded in 1996 at the First European Women’s Synod in Austria, Women’s Ordination Worldwide (WOW) is an ecumenical network of national and international groups whose primary mission at this time is the admission of Roman Catholic women to all ordained ministries. Visit Site: WOW

Women’s Ordination Worldwide Schedule:

Unless otherwise noted, all events will be held at the Casa Internazionale Delle Donne Via Della Lungara, 19 Roma (Sala Tosi)

May 29, 2016

Vigil at Vatican’s Jubilee of Deacons at St. Peter’s
8th anniversary of Latae Sententiae, the automatic excommunication decreed by Pope Benedict XVI for women priests and the bishops who ordain them.


May 30, 2016

Feast Day of St. Joan of Arc: Vigil and reflection led by Janice Sevre-Duszynska at the statue of St. Joan which overlooks the Vatican. Visit to the Church of Pope Joan.

May 31, 2016

Viewing of the award-winning film,“Pink Smoke Over the Vatican,” by filmmaker Jules Hart: the story of the struggle for justice for women in the Roman Catholic Church, including priesthood.

June 1, 2016

OPEN THE DOOR TO DIALOGUE: Wednesday, June 1st, 3-5 pm, Join WOW to commemorate our 20th anniversary with a conversation on theology, history, and the possibility of dialogue with:

Fr. Tony Flannery, an Irish Redemptorist priest censured by the Vatican and ordered to cease priestly ministry due to his support for the ordination of women; Rev. Dana English, Assistant Curate at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Rome; Jamie Manson, National Catholic Reporter Books Editor and acclaimed columnist; and Dr. Marinella Perroni, Professor of New Testament at Università Pontificia Sant’Anselmo in Rome, where she was president until 2013. Visit Site: WOW

WOW SIGNATURE DRINKS RECEPTION: Wednesday, June 1ST, 5-6 PM.  Join WOW activists and speakers for our 20th anniversary celebration and reception. Serving canapés and WOW signature cocktails.


This photography exhibition explores the life and faith of Roman Catholic Women Priests that are excommunicated by the Vatican because they disobey a canon law that says that only a male can be ordained priest. Since 2013, Bianchi has met more than 70 women in United States and Colombia. Bianchi’s work will be featured around St. Peter’s and Trastevere from May 29- June 7th as bill posters.

“Inspired by prophets and mystics, against clericalism and power, women priests open their communities to divorced, gay, and all those whom the Church does not invite to their Eucharistic table. I was shown a model of world where if there is no justice for the smallest and the weakest, then there’s no justice at all. To me those women are a symbol. They are showing us the primacy of conscience and how to renew our own tradition.”— Giulia Bianchi   Visit Site: WOMENPRIESTSPROJECT

June 2, 2016

Italian Holiday

June 3, 2016


WOW activists will hold a “purple stole” witness (the international symbol for women’s ordination) and offer a visual guide to opening the “Door to Dialogue.” WOW will then walk the pilgrim’s path to St. Peter’s as the “Jubilee Mass for Priests” gets underway.

Media Contact Information For This Event

Janice Sevre Duzynska in Rome +39 859 684 4247 or from the US at  +011 39 859 684 4247

Christina Moreira  in Europe 00 34 676 817 226

For USA, domestic inquiries contact Bridget Mary Meehan at 703 505 0004 Visit Site: BridgetMarysBlog


Comunicado de presa del movimiento internacional de presbíteras católicas romanas

En este Año Santo, el Papa Francisco ha hecho un llamado por una iglesia más compasiva que no excluya a nadie. Dijo que “nadie puede ser excluido de la misericordia de Dios.” El movimiento internacional de presbíteras católicas romanas afirma el mensaje del Evangelio de compasión que demuestra la solidaridad, la inclusión y la justicia para todos. Le pedimos al Papa Francisco que tome medidas para hacer que la Iglesia se convierta en una comunidad de potenciamiento que respete la primacía de la conciencia para todos los católicos mediante la eliminación de todas las penas eclesiásticas contra los miembros de nuestro movimiento, incluyendo la excomunión. El respaldo católico para nuestro movimiento es evidente en una petición en línea.  Véase:

Del 1 al 3 de junio se celebra un Jubileo de presbíteras. Le invitamos a unirse a nosotros en esta celebración de nuestro ministerio sacerdotal renovado en una Iglesia Católica actualizada donde todos son bienvenidos, incluyendo a las personas LGBTI y los católicos divorciados y vueltos a casar. Véase:

Conozca a nuestras presbíteras Janice Sevre-Duszynska de los EE.UU. y Christina Moreira de España quienes participarán en la reunión mundial sobre la ordenación femenina en Roma del 28 de mayo al 4 de junio en la Casa Internazionale Delle Donne Via Della Lungara, 19 Roma (Sala Tosi).

Janice y Christina intentarán entregarle una copia de nuestra campaña y petición firmada por católicos de base y partidarios de las presbíteras católicas romanas al Papa Francisco.

Comuníquese con Janice en Roma al  +39 859 684 4247 o desde los EE.UU. al  +011 39 859 684 4247

Comuníquese con Christina en Europa al 00 34 676 817 226