Media Release from International Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement

May 24, 2016

Janice Sevre-Duzynska in Rome   +39 859 684 4247 or from the US at +011 39 859 684 4247

Christina Moriera in Europe  00 34 676 817 226

In this Holy Year, Pope Francis has called for a more compassionate church that excludes no one. He said “no one can be excluded from God’s mercy.” The international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement affirms the Gospel message of compassion which demonstrates solidarity, inclusiveness and justice for all.  We call on Pope Francis to take action to make the Church an empowering community that respects the primacy of conscience for all Catholics by removing all ecclesiastical punishments against the members of our movement, including excommunication. Catholic support for our movement is evident in an online petition. Visit Site:

June 1-3 is a Jubilee of Women Priests. We invite you to join us at this celebration of our renewed priestly ministry in a renewed Catholic Church where all are welcome including LGBTI persons and divorced and remarried Catholics. Visit Site:

Meet our women priests Janice Sevre-Duszynska from the US and Christina Moreira from Spain who will be participating in the Women’s Ordination Worldwide gathering in Rome May 28-June 4 at the Casa Internazionale Delle Donne Via Della Lungara, 19 Roma (Sala Tosi). Visit Site:

Janice and Christina will attempt to deliver a copy of our Ongoing Petition Campaign signed by grassroots Catholics and Interfaith supporters of Roman Catholic Women Priests to Pope Francis.

Reach Janice in Rome at  +39 859 684 4247 or from the US at +011 39 859 684 4247

Reach Christina in Europe at 00 34 676 817 226