Ordination – First Woman Priest in South Carolina

For Immediate Release: August 10, 2021

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests To Ordain First Woman Priest in South Carolina


Jill Striebinger: 843-812-4487

Bridget Mary Meehan, 703-505-0004

Janice Sevre-Duszynska 859-684-4247


On August 15, 2021 in an All-Faiths Chapel in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Jill Striebinger makes history in South Carolina. She will become the first woman priest ordained by the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests in a service promoting the equality of women in the Catholic Church.. Jill’s work in disability advocacy, supporting mothers of children with developmental disabilities, and cross-cultural work to promote inclusion of everyone in a healthy, fun, supportive, people-focused community is another ripple in the pond towards a loving society.

As a woman priest, Jill will  utilize feminine images of God in worship to reflect the mothering love of a God who embraces all her children especially the most vulnerable. Jill has created a contemporary Rosary that relates to parents who experience stress, anxiety, and doubt in raising their children and providing for their well-being. Jill plans to start a local support prayer and advocacy group for mothers in her  area as well as online. She also plans to be an advocate of restorative justice in her local community. Jill sees her ordination as a prophetic act of obedience to the Spirit for gender equality and a clarion call to action in response to Pope Francis‚Äôs failure to revise Canon Law on Women‚Äôs Ordination and his failure to include women in decisions affecting  the care and control of their bodies.

The worldwide international Roman Catholic Women Priest Movement is supported by millions of our fellow Catholics who reject the Vatican‚Äôs continued discrimination against women to serve as priests and as decision makers in making laws that affect women‚Äôs lives. Rather, the woman priest movement embraces an inclusive, Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered model of Church as a community of equals where all are welcome to receive Eucharist and other sacraments, including the LGBTIQA, and divorced and remarried population. We are helping the church move from a clerical model of priesthood to a people powered community of faith. The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests claims our spiritual authority to ordain women as a prophetic act to lead the Church to live Gospel equality and justice now. Our international movement has grown from 7 women priests ordained in 2002 to close to 300 members today. We joyfully respond to the Spirit‚Äôs call to create new paths for spiritual renewal and structural transformation in our Church that affirm women as equal images of the Divine in our world.