Program of Preparation


The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) offers a new paradigm of preparation for a renewed priestly ministry in a community of equals. 

As Matthew Fox, one of the greatest spiritual writers of our times envisions, we are moving from knowledge factories to wisdom schools. We believe that the Spirit of God is speaking through the people of God. As co-creators companions on a journey, we share the wisdom of God in our sacred texts, theologies, sacred practices, sacramental celebrations, and lived experiences. ARCWP provides units and competency courses that will appeal to the mainstream and the margins where our liberating God of compassion dwells and works through all for systemic change.

The ordination units and competency courses integrate the evolutionary consciousness of the new cosmology with the community of empowerment presented in feminist, liberation, mujerista, womanist, evolutionary, mystical and sacramental theologies (theologies of blessing). As a new paradigm of priestly ministry ARCWP believes that we cannot put new wine into old wineskins. Therefore we view our mission to live as co-partners with God in the cosmic community moving our world in inclusive love toward the flourishing of all creation.

The focus in these units is to prepare candidates to minister in a community of equals that is¬†egalitarian, empowered, inclusive, mystical and prophetic. Conscious of our vocation to live¬†God‚Äôs loving presence in the world in vibrant faith communities; we work for justice and equality for all, especially those on the margins of our church. Elizabeth Johnson says in¬†Ask the Beasts that ‚ÄúThe infinite creativity of God is moving within us opening up fresh possibilities.‚ÄĚThe indwelling Creator Spirit grounds not only life’s regularities, but also the novel occurrences that open up the status quo igniting what is unexpected, interruptive, genuinely uncontrolled and unimaginably possible (p.173).”These units of preparation are a creative beginning that invites us into deeper prayerful reflection and discussion about our evolving call to live the fullness of God’s love today.

Ordination Units

(Listed herein is a brief synopsis of our Ordination Unit course outline)

Unit 1: Quest for the Living God

Unit 2: Jesus: Who do you say I am?

Unit 3: The Spirit of God Within: Prophet, Mystic & Visionary

Unit 4: Church History and Sacramental Theology

Unit 5: Eucharist

Unit 6: Baptism and Confirmation: Welcome to the Christian Community, a Companionship of Empowerment

Unit 7: Embodiment and the Sacred

Unit 8: Compassion and Reconciliation ‚Äď The Empowering Grace of Vulnerability

Unit 9: Tears into Joy: I Am Healed, I Am Whole

Unit 10: Doors to the Sacred for the 21st Century